Beyond Two Souls Cover

Beyond: Two Souls – The Most Underrated Game Of All Time?

So I’ve completed Beyond: Two Souls for a second time, this time controlling Aiden instead of Jodie (more on the characters and the story later). As with my first play through, I’ played as a co-op experience but with a different second player and an additional friend watching us both play. It was during this play through that I realised just how underrated this game really is. The spectator (granted, an Xbox player) had never even heard of it, but was completely blown away by the quality of the story, graphics and game play. It was him who first commented “this game is massively underrated”.

Missing Megaton NPCs in Fallout 3 - Walter and Billy

Missing Megaton NPCs in Fallout 3

This was a bug that had been frustrating me for some time before I thought to look up a solution, and sure enough found one on the trusty Fallout Wikia. The solution I found there for recovering missing Megaton NPCs seemed a lot like hard work and is apparently not guaranteed to work, but I actually found it relatively painless and somewhat rewarding to finally recover Walter and be able to sell my Scrap Metal for countless caps I never really needed.