Food & Cooking Blog

Deep Pan Chicken OmeletteI’m a huge fan of cooking, although I would argue I’m not great at it. What I am good at though is making a little go a long way and cooking on a budget is something I see as an exciting challenge. Minimal ingredients, short preparation time and spur-of-the moment decisions usually all play a part in my best, flavour-packed meals.

I intend to use the Cooking section of my blog to share ideas, recipes and anything food related that I hope someone out there can benefit from.

Here are a few things to know about my taste in food that will of course dictate the recipes and ideas I share:

  • I’m a big meat eater
  • I don’t really do seafood (except prawns, love prawns)
  • I’ve got a super sweet-tooth (I didn’t get this waste from bread and pasta)
  • I like hot food so most recipes contain at least a little chilli
  • I’m trying to lose weight, so healthier recipes are on the rise in my house
  • I don’t spend much time planning; I prefer to chuck things together and see what happens
  • I rarely make the exact same thing twice (unless it’s awesome)


I’m currently in the process of losing weight, almost by accident as a by-product of stress and depression, but have managed to get below the 20 stone marker for the first time since I was a teenager – more than four years ago. At my heaviest, I weighed over 24 stone but have lost two of those four stone very quickly due to my mental state. However, it’s still a good stepping stone to move into a new, healthier lifestyle.

The important thing for me when it comes to “dieting” is not to deprive myself completely. In the past, this has only led to rebellion and the undoing of a lot of hard work. A gradual, steady diet is definitely the focus now, and I hope to reflect that by sharing recipes and ideas on my food blog.

I’ve recently started sharing the occasional foody pic on Instagram too, so feel free to follow me there.