Brighton Pride Parade - Gays LikelyOne thing to know about me (that won’t take much figuring out) is that I’m gay. I came out very early to my “friends” at age 11 when I had my first girlfriend, and to my parents 3 years later.

My sexuality and the battles it has forced me to fight over the year has helped to make me a stronger person, and I hope that by sharing my experiences through the LGBT section of my lifestyle blog, I can help others to come to terms with who they are. I would also hope that I could educate a straight audience about gay life and teach some people that, in fact, we’re just like you.

My Complicated Marital Status

I’m married but separated, with a beautiful daughter. My wife gave birth to Chloe Jane by emergency caesarian section and gave her the fortunate birthday of 11/12/13.

My wife and I are not divorcing for some time but unfortunately she became unhappy in our relationship following my falling into a dark depression and moved out in March 2015. Unfortunately, by the time I began to realise there was something to fix, it was too little too late. Still, I’m turning a corner now and have a lot of life lessons to share.

Out and Proud

As indicated, my sexuality has not been anything I’ve kept a secret from anyone for many years. I’m “out” the minute I meet them and am proud of who I am. I realise this won’t be the case for everyone, so above all else I would want any readers who are feeling confused or insecure about there sexuality to know that it can only get easier when you are true to who you are. The rest of the world can catch up, as soon as you’re ready.