Emma North Koozai WeeMeeI’m one of the fortunate few who can honestly say that one of my biggest passions is my job. I am the Head of SEO Koozai, a leading Digital Marketing Agency based in Southampton.

Some of the areas I specialise in include backlink analysis, penalty recovery, technical SEO and on-page optimisation for both search and conversion rate.

I have some experience on the PPC side too, mainly in Google search, remarketing and paid social. I’m also a certified Google Partner with a number of current certifications, including Advanced Search and GAIQ.

A Bit About Koozai

Koozai is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Southampton and London. I work out of our bustling Southampton office in Park Gate.

We’re a really fun and rewarding agency to work for, with an awesome team that’s more like a big family. We have some awesome benefits and a strong management team that respects and rewards its staff, so it’s often when I’m at work that I’m most content!

In The Industry

Considering I’ve been in the industry for several years, I keep myself fairly off the radar and haven’t yet spoken at a conference or expo; something I’ve been putting off for too long! But my first appearance was back in 2015 at On The Edge London: Marketing Within The Leisure Sector, where I spoke about Local SEO and the Google Pigeon update.

Online though, I’ve written many blog posts and a number of videos for the Koozai blog so feel free to check out my author page if you’re interested.

My Latest Posts on SEO and Digital Marketing: