The Real Digital Hero: The SEO Challenge

If you work in digital marketing or SEO, it’s likely that you’ve heard many stories of ranking competitions for obscure keywords. Well, I’ve finally been given the opportunity to partake in one such challenge myself; The Real Digital Hero.

It’s only for fun and some valuable bragging rights, but it’s also a great opportunity for a number of keen SEOs to try out different SEO techniques, without the normal restrictions of client sites and red tape. We can then measure the results in a short time and learn valuable insight that we can all share and apply in our real work. It’s an exciting time for the digital marketing geeks involved!

Why The Real Digital Hero?

When selecting a keyword to track for the challenge, it was important to choose something that wasn’t already swamped with search results, to give all of the participants a clean slate and an open playing field. “The Real Digital Hero” presented the perfect opportunity, with low search competition and most importantly, an awesome irony for the victor!

Different team members are using different techniques to get results and some are pitching their Digital Hero “brand” with an interesting super hero spin! Of course, I’m taking a slightly different approach; vaguely comical nonsense. I want to test my ability to outrank my peers using content that isn’t actually providing any value at all further than some mild entertainment.

What do you think of my approach? Check out my site (the page I’m hoping to win with!) over at The Real Digital Hero Blog. You can also follow me on a number of social profiles for various comical insights:

The Rules

The competition is simple but there are a few rules we must all abide to:

  • No exact match domains
  • No outsourcing or teaming up
  • No black hat techniques – strictly white hat, reputable SEO
  • Have fun!

Grey Goose Vodka - The Prize For The Real Digital Hero ChallengeThe Deadline

The challenge runs for just over a month with the winner announced on 1st September 2015. This gives every adequate time to get involved and try out various techniques.

A month may not seem a long time to turn the rankings upside-down but after just a few days the entire page one of Google for “The Real Digital Hero” is almost completely dominated by the participants! One thing is for sure; with the high calibre of experienced SEOs taking part, this certainly will be a challenge!

Who can partake in The Real Digital Hero Challenge?

Unfortunately this is a closed challenge among a group of passionate and competitive SEOs. Of course, no-one can stop you trying to rank for the keyword too, but you won’t be eligible to win the prestigious prize: a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka!

Once it’s all over, I’ll definitely be interested in taking part in something similar at a later date and perhaps on a wider scale. If it’s something you might want to join in with next time, please feel free to get in touch.


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